Magnetic Therapy

Magnetized Water

Magnetized Water is known as Magnetic TherapyA?a��a�?s magic potion. It is looked upon as one of the most powerful treatments known under the science of Magnetic Therapy.

What is Magnetized Water?

Magnetized Water is plain water holding magnetic charge. Many scientists and doctors argue that it is impossible to magnetize water.

This is not true. Water can contain magnetic charge. The water that flowing in rivers or collected in springs is nothing but magnetized water. When water passes over the ground it comes in contact with the earthA?a��a�?s magnetic field and gets a magnetic charge. Thus water becomes magnetized.

The same water is collected to be treated and purified before consumption. During this process the water goes through ground metal pipes. The metallic lining of the pipes de-magnetizes the water in the process of purification. Thus the water that you get through your water faucet is no longer magnetized.

Scientist Johann Grander wrote: “In our water supply system, the water is collected and forced through pipelines under pressure. At this stage the water suffers aggression for the first time. The high pressures are highly detrimental to the liquid. The water is then further contaminated by the addition of powerful chemicals, such as chlorine.A�A� We collect clean water from nature and return it soiled and sick.

How can I get Magnetized Water?

The best sources of Magnetized Water are natural sources like rivers and springs. Since its very difficult for urban population to have access to these natural sources many people give up on the idea of having Magnetized water. But you can magnetize water on your own.

The simplest way is to hold a bar magnet (800-3,000 gauss/80-300 m tesla) and drip tap water over it and collect the water in a suitable receptacle. However, this procedure is not really effective because the water is exposed to the magnet for a very little time.

You can try immersing a long thin cylinder magnet (2,300 gauss/230 m tesla) into a vessel containing 1-2 liters of water for 45-60 minutes.

Benefits of Magnetic Water

There are innumerous benefits. Professor Lin said “the change of water’s properties is the key.A�A� The magnetized water increases the solubility of minerals to all parts of the body, making the organism work more efficiently”.

Magnetized Water

  • Tastes better
  • Regulates bodyA?a��a�?s PH
  • Reduces acidity
  • Has a therapeutic effect on various organ systems of the body
  • Dissipates toxic deposits within the connective tissues of the body.
  • Helps solve digestive problems
  • Clears clogged arteries
  • Normalizes circulatory system
  • Regulates heart function
  • Beneficial for kidney ailments like stones
  • Beneficial against obesity
  • Relieves pain and swelling
  • Stimulates brain activity
  • Infuses energy into the body

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