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Magnetic Therapy for Sciatica

The nerve from Pelvis to the Hip area is the longest and is known as Sciatic Nerve. It regulates muscles of the lower leg and provides sensation to the thigh muscles, legs and feet. The pain or irritation caused in the pathway of this nerve results in the condition known as Sciatica.

Causes, Sign and Symptoms:

Main cause of Sciatica is compression of the nerve root of the Lumbar spine or the lower spine. Cartilage disks present in between the vertebrae of the spine acts as the cushion and absorbing all the sudden jerks and shocks. As we grow older these cartilagenous disks gets drier and brittle. Sometimes the tough outer covering tears apart as a result of which the jelly like substance present inside the disk oozes out. This condition is known as herniated disk of spine. These herniated disks may compress the nerve root of the lumbar spine, which results in pain and irritation in the back portion, legs or sometimes both. Person may also experience weakness or numbness in the buttock region and legs. Other causes may be Spondylolisthesis, Spinal tumors, Trauma or Sciatic Nerve Injury

Magnetic Therapy treatment for Sciatica:

Usually doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs along with muscle relaxants. in order to subside chronic pain sometimes they even prescribe anti-depressants drugs. But there could be other methods to reduce the pain such as application of cold and hot packs on the affected region, stretching and regular exercise and even physiotherapy.

It takes several weeks or months and sometimes even years for sciatica to resolve naturally. With the help of magnetic therapy this condition could be treated more rapidly. In the magnetic therapy, the magnets are placed near to the origin of the pain that is lumbar region of the spine. Even though the patient is experiencing the pain in the legs the magnets are placed in the lumbar region only as the main reason is in that region only. So while treating the lumbar region it will also treat the pain in the legs. There are 2 magnetic devices used for treating Sciatica.

1. Magnetic Back Strap: It is placed directly over the affected area. A narrow magnetic back strap would be more affective and comfortable for sciatica in the lower lumbar region. It would fit around the hip region easily and will be placed over the compressed nerve root. A wider magnetic strap would be helpful in treating sciatica pain near the waist region. It is advisable to wear these magnetic supports 24X7 till the condition persists.

2. Magnetic Bed Pad: It acts as an alternative to the Magnetic Back Straps. Due to some reason if the person is unable to wear the Magnetic Straps then these Magnetic Bed Straps could be used. They wonA?a��a�?t be giving a 24X7 effect but can be used while sitting or lying down.

Magnetic therapy in combination with massages and cold packs would be more affective in reducing the pain and symptoms of Sciatica. Massage would help in relaxing the spasmodic muscles where as the ice or cold packs would reduce the inflammation.

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