Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Water Treatment

Magnets are used to reduce the A?a��A�hardnessA?a��A? of water, which contains minerals. They are meant to reduce the deposition of scale in teapots, plumbing systems, evaporators and boilers and help in A?a��A�softeningA?a��A? water.

The magnetic influence is meant to remove the hard ions from the water to make it soft. Normally, the lime scale solids deposit in a flake like form or as small particles within the water instead of metal surfaces.

Magnetic fields have subtle effects on water and can affect carbonate precipitation. Some studies have shown that the presence of certain substances in the water can affect scale precipitation; these include iron ions, phosphates, silica, and oxygen.

Magnetic Treatment Process

If water is magnetically charged, it electrically becomes ionically charged which results in the minerals, creating a natural magnetic attraction between the two. The water softens and tastes better and this is mainly due to actual reduction in the size of the water molecule.

A water molecule, which is small and magnetized, has a greater solvency and a magnetic attraction that results in cleaner bathing and washing, which cleans and washes like soft water. The smaller molecular size, having less evaporitive surface area, magnetically reduces the gases and foul taste of sulfur, chlorine and fluoride, etc.
As water moves along the induced magnetic field, the static charge on the water molecules is changed from negative to positive due to current being generated by the moving water. The current produced by the flow also causes some water molecules to ionize , forming hydronium ionsA�A� and hydroxyl ions . Oxidation (corrosion) is prevented by the physical fact that the negative oxygen is repelled by the ground negativeA�A� pipe. Negative scale ions are also repelled.A�A� If walls of negative pipe are contaminated with hard deposits , positive hydronium ions work to convert hard depositsA�A� into soft deposits , which are eventually removed and precipitate out. Into the basin. In other words scaling is reduced.

There are number of magnetic devices which can be useful in the treatment of water which needs to be used for washing clothes.A�A� They soften the water, which helps the detergents to penetrate well.

Water if treated by magnets can be useful for our regular use as these magnets soften the water and make it usable.A�A� Positively charged water can provide energy and vitality and negatively charged water can be useful in the healing process.

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