Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Panic attacks due to anxiety cause much discomfort. Depression is also a problem to reckon with. Many suffer from these diseases or illnesses and much harm is caused to them.A�A� These illnesses affect the daily life of a person and prove detrimental to their general health. Remedies are available and magnetic therapy is found useful in treating these health problems.

How Magnetic Therapy Treats Anxiety:

Magnetic therapy provides relief to localized aches and pains, which tend to cause anxiety. It results in improved blood and energy flow and eases muscles and joint aches and helps in relaxation. Magnets or magnetic therapy jewellery around the neck, on the upper back- either side of the spine, on the wrists and at the basic acupuncture points- Spleen , large IntestineA�A� Stomach will all help reduce the aches and pains.

Magnetic products are there to treat anxiety and depression. Creams are available as well as there are liquids, which can provide relief.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS):

It helps in treating people suffering from depression. It alters the metabolic rate in the brain area.A�A� A small electrical current is induced by a strong magnetic field only on the prefrontal cortex behind the forehead. The treatment is repeated over shortA�A� intervals. It is painless and has no side effects. During treatment, the magnetic field is transmitted through a coil. The coil is placed close to the scalp so the field is focused and the magnetic pulses can pass through the skull. The electricity that passes stimulates the neurons.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) also helps in depression. It improves psychological health and well-being.

Magnetic therapeutic measures can be adopted to treat depression and anxiety. Pains and aches if reduced and other ailments if treated reduce anxiety and depression. In other words the causes of depression and anxiety can also be treated by magnetic therapy.

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