Magnetic Therapy

Electromagnetic Therapy Electromagnetic Therapy Pad

Our body is made up of a number of small molecules. Each molecule contains a small amount of magnetic energy. Electromagnetic therapy is based on the belief that if there is any imbalance in the electromagnetic fields or frequencies of energy; it can result illness or any disorder. If electric energy is applied to the body, this imbalance can be corrected.
Electromagnetic therapy is also known as magnetic field therapy, bioelectricity, magneto biology, and magnetic healing.

How Does Electromagnetic Therapy Works:

As every molecule, cell, organ is sensitive to electromagnetic field, so our entire biochemistry is also influenced by it.

Electromagnetic influences many psychological and biochemical processes. Magnetic devices that radiate unchanging magnetic field are available in forms of pads, bandages and mattresses. But their efficiency is not yet proved. As these have static magnetic field so they do not have an electric current in them.

Although, the exact mechanism of how electromagnetic therapy functions has not yet being discovered. The application of static magnetic field therapy to injure or painful tissues have attributed it effects as to increase in local blood circulation.

Electromagnetic Pads:

These are one of the means of therapy. These can be placed either on the place of treatment or somewhere away from it. Once they placed they act on the part and treat the cause for which they are placed. Although the exact function is yet to be known but as the body is sensitive to electromagnetic field it responds to these tools also and injured part is cured.

The magnetic pads are designed in such a manner that they magnetic fields in concentric circles. This arrangement of pad increases the magnetic field in perpendicular direction and as the blood flows in randomly in all three directions of the tissue without giving preference to any particular one; it will select the perpendicular direction for its orientation too. Thus, coming in contact with the magnetic field of the pads and hence the magnetic field of pad will do its purpose.

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