Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Permeability

There are some materials which gets magnetized when they are placed in the magnetic field. The tendency of the materials to become magnetized in a magnetic field is termed as magnetic permeability. this can be understood with an example: Like if a piece of iron is rubbed with a magnet it will attain the magnetic properties and will have its own magnetic field.

Thus, magnetic permeability is described as the ability and the way in which the material responds or effects the magnetic field. It is because of this permeability that the material is either attracted towards the magnet or it is repelled against it. magnetic permeability is not constant. It changes with the position of the magnet in relation with the magnetic field.

The frequency of the magnetic field, temperature humidity and other factors.Depending upon their permeability the material is classified as:

  • Paramagnetic: These are those materials which have little permeability and are weekly attracted towards the magnets.
  • Diamagnetic:These are medially permeable substances and are repelled by the magnets.
  • Ferromagnetic: These are those substances which have the greatest permeability and get magnetized as soon as it enters the magnetic fields.

Nausea Magnetic Permeability:

In order to develop magnetic permeability for nausea it is necessary to use some kind of magnetic jewelry. Magnetic jewelry is made for the purpose of developing a magnetic field which could counteract the disease permeability. A strong magnetic field will ensure an increase of blood flow and development of lot of antibodies. These anti bodies will fight with the antibodies of the infection and thus eradicating them.

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