Magnetic Therapy

Effect of Magnets on Dilated Blood Vessels

Is magnetic therapy an answer to muscle bruising and joint sprains which result in Swelling ? Researchers are convinced.Because Swelling is caused by dilated blood vessels.And Magnets are found to control the the blood flow either by constricting or dilating the blood vessels.This article tries to gain further insight.


What the Research Study Involved?

  • Two Scientists Morris and Skalak found that magnetic force significantly controlled the blood flow.
  • This led their research further in to finding whether swelling could be cured by magnets.
  • They injected substances that caused swelling in the hind paws of experimental rats.
  • When magnetic therapy was applied on these rats,the swelling reduced significantly.
  • This clearly proved the healing effect ofA�A� magnetic therapy on swelling.
  • Their findings were published in the November 2007 issue of the American Journal of Physiology.
  • Efforts are on by the researchers to gather further credibility for this treatment.
  • They plan to effectively apply this treatment through clinical trials on elite athletes.


Dilated Blood Related Injuries and the Benefits of Magnetic therapy :

  • The two most common injuries in the world are muscle bruising and joint sprains.
  • Injuries cannot be prevented.However,swelling can be prevented.
  • This leads to less pain,better mobility and faster healing.
  • Magentic therapy is more beneficial compared to ice packs and compression against dilated blood in the vessels.
  • The treatment is readily available and costs low.
  • The benefits of this treatment can be reaped by retirement communities,nurses,high school,college teams and professional sports teams.
  • Magentic therapy is successful when appropriate magnetic field is applied precisely at the desired location.
  • The issue is most of the available magents cannot fulfil this vital requirement completely.
  • But the researchers are hopeful that with the advancement in the field of biomedical engineering,the issue of field strength designing will be resolved soon.

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