Magnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism is the Basis of Magnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism involves studying the effects of magnetic field on the human body. It is the basis of magnetic Therapy. Workings of the techniques involved in magnetic therapy can be understood better by knowing about this concept.This article tries to gain further insight.

Proton and Electron

The Basics: 78% of human body comprises of water. The water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Atom of every element contains nucleus at its center. A particle proton resides in side the nucleus. Another particle called electron, revolves around the nucleus like earth revolves round the sun. Both the particles electrons and protons are charged particles. Just like earth rotates about its axis, the particle proton also rotates about its axis.

The Concept of Magnetic Dipole Moment: The spinning of the protons provide them a property called dipole moment. And a water molecule is made up of atoms, their nuclues and the protons inside them. As a result, the property of dipole moment is possessed by every water molecule ultimately. The property of dipole moment is responsible of magnetism inside the body.
Biomagnetism body

Relation between Biomagnetism and Magnetic Therapy:

  • Magnetic Therapy basically involves application of magnetic field on the human body to cure ailments.
  • The dipole moment property possessed by every water molecule in the body, get influenced by the externally applied magnetic field.
  • The interactions between the internal magnetism of the body (by dipole moment) and externally applied magnetic field cause the healing effects of magnetic Therapy.
  • Though Research in Biomagnetism started around 1970s, the field is expanding steadily.

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