Magnetic Therapy

Neodymium Magnets Eye Masks Can Relieve Sinus

12% adults in America suffer from Sinusitis according to a statistics provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sinuses is the air-filled gap between the the bones of the skull and face. Any infection or swelling in this region causes Sinusitis. Eye Masks made up of Neodymium Magnets are found to be beneficial in relieving Sinus.

Eye Masks

How the Eye Mask Works:

  • The Eye Mask is made up of 28 Neodymium Magnets.
  • The field produced by these magnets cover the forehead, temples, Sinuses and eyes.
  • The deep penetrating magnetic field of the north pole of the magnet causes the healing effects.
  • The pain, blockage of the nasal passage are reduced.
  • Tension in the facial muscles are also reduced and they feel relaxed.
  • The Inner Cushion of the mask is made up of Flexible foam.
  • The Outer Covering is made up of Plush Fabric providing comfort to the skin.

Therapeutic Specifications of the Eye Mask

1. No. of Magents 28
2. Size of Magnets 3/4 ” * 1/4 “
3. Max. Penetration Depth 8 “
4. Max. Effective Penetration Depth 6 1/4 “

Penetration Depth:

It is the distance of influence of the magnetic field.

Effective Penetration Depth:

It is the distance of a point from the magnet up to which, the magnet has its healing effects.

Benefits of the Eye Masks:

  • 60% to 90% of the people who take antibiotics do not get releieved from the symptoms of the Sinusitis.
  • The side effects associated with the anti biotics cannot be ruled out.
  • Other advanced treatments involve money and mixed results.
  • Magnetic Therapy to get relieve from Sinusitis has no side effects.
  • Powerful Neodymium Magnets are used in the masks.
  • It is beneficial to consult the doctors about the impact of the magnets on health.
  • The technical specifications of the magnets should be mentioned to the experts.
  • We can get precise information about the benefits of the eye masks then.

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