Magnetic Therapy

Can Magnetic Therapy Cause Bone Fracture Healing

Each year one million bone fractures occur in the United States of America. 50% of these fractures are spinal related. 25% fracture are hip fractures. Equal percentage of wrist fractures also occur every year. Normal process of recovery is costly, painful and time consuming. Complementary therapy like using magnets are found to cause bone fracture healing. This article tries to gain further insight.


Bone Fracture Healing using Magnets:

  • 4x6x1/2A?a��A? sized ceramic magnet are attached directly over the fracture site and bandaged.
  • Care should be taken to face the negative side of the magnet towards the site of injury.
  • The bandage is to be kept 24 hours a day for 4 months.
  • Improvement in the fracture can be noticed from the x-rays after couple of weeks from commencing the treatment.
  • The usual procedure of dealing with bone fracture may take six to nine months for healing.
  • Magnetic therapy has a faster healing rate of only four months.

All substances can be divided in to three classes based on their response to magnetic field:

S.No. Substance Response to Magnetic Field
1. Ferro Magnetic Strong
2. Paramagnetic Weak
3. Diamagnetic Oppose / Repel


How magnets cause Bone fracture healing:

Human Bones are Paramagnetic substances. So they are weakly influenced by the magnetic field. But when the duration of the influence is increased, it causes the cells of the bones to come closer. Magnetic force overpowers the forces which do not allow the broken pieces of bones to join. When the bones join, the magnet speeds up the healing process. It is possible because the magnetic field increases the flow of substances present in one cell to other cells. Enhanced bone cell activities heal the fracture faster.

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