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Is Magnetic Therapy a Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment Technique

60%-70% of the Type 2 diabetic patients suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy. Complementary treatment methods like Magnetic Therapy are tried and tested to address this ailment. Research shows a 90% success rate. This article tries to gain further insight into the claims of magnetic therapy to be a diabetic Neuropathy treatment.

What is Diabetic Neuropathy: It is a disorder caused because of suffering from Diabetes for a long time. People suffering from diabetes for 25 years or more are at high risks of getting this disorder. In such people, the blood sugar level is higher than normal. It causes the damage of the nerves all along the body organs. They loose sensation and slowly start under performing. It is mostly because of lack of access to oxygen rich blood and poor blood flow along the nerves. Scientists are still studying this disorder and it will take time for diabetic Neuropathy treatment to develop. Till them, prevention of high blood sugar level is the best technique of combat.

Magnetic Therapy as diabetic Neuropathy treatment:


  • Magnetic Therapy believes that this disorder can be addressed by increasing the blood flow through the tissues.
  • Latest Magnetic Therapy Research has revealed that magnets can control the flow of blood through the nerves and tissues of the body.
  • As a procedure to follow the patient wears a foot ware with magnets.
  • The shoe insole of these foot ware are very thin and made up of flexible ferrite magnets.
  • The magnetic field created by these magnets cover the complete foot area and extend up to the knees.
  • Oxygen rich blood flow along the nerves and tissues is enhanced drastically by applying this technique.

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