Magnetic Therapy

Benefits of Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Copper is an important mineral found inside the earth. Its commercial requirements are well known. But this mineral is equally required by our body for its normal functioning. The requirement is well met by the presence of this mineral in our food items. But untimely and unhealthy food habits are the norms of the present hectic life styles leading to deficiency of this mineral in Western diets and our body. This can lead to host of diseases like Anemia, Stroke, Digestion and hormonal problems, Inflammation and pain. Magnetic Therapy tries to address this issue by recommending wearing of copper magnetic bracelets. This tries to gain further insight.


The following table lists the requirement of this mineral in humans:

S.No. Age Group Dietery Intake in Mg
1. Below 6 months 0.4-0.6
2. 6 months to 1 year 0.6-0.7
3. 1-3 years 0.7 to 1
4. 4-6 years 1-1.5
5. 7-10 years 1-2
6. 11-18 years 1.5-2.5
7. 19 years and Above 1.5-3.0


Who need the Copper Magnetic Bracelets and Why: The Vegetarians and the people and on diet do not get enough copper from their food intake. Others mostly consume food items containing a form of copper called cupric oxide. Neither it is required by the body nor easily absorbed by it. Copper in its purest form is required for bone development, skin repair and growth and maintenance of various tissues of our body. It plays vital role in the proper functioning of nervous system and the immune system of the body. However, too much copper in the body is harmful for the liver and the kidney. The precise requirement of the copper in body is met by wearing the magnetic bracelets with the presence of copper in them.

Though copper is not attracted to magnets per se, it can be made sensitive to the magnetic field by adding other metals and alloys sensitive to the magnetic field. In this way, the copper magnetic bracelets are made to serve the copper requirements in our body accurately and adequately.

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