Magnetic Therapy

How MagneticTherapy Reduce Pain by Influencing Positive and Negative Ions

The human body is made up of charged particles called ions. These charged particles are of two types. The positively charged and the negatively charged particles. From the field of Biochemistry we learn that the negatively charged particles are responsible for our well being. The postively charged particles cause us pain and sufferings. Magnets used in magentictherapy possess magnetic force. This force is charge dependent. It means that charged particles like ions get influenced when they come under the magnetic forces. This article tries of understand the health implications of this fact of nature.


What are Ions: All things in the universe are made up of particles called molecules. The molecules are a collection of atoms in turn. Every atom is made up of charged particles called protons(postively charged) and electrons (negatively charged). Normally, the protons and electrons are equal in number inside an atom. But the electrons can be easily pulled out of an atom. Then, the number of postive particles increase in number and the atom turns into a positive ION called the “cation”, technically. The other atom which captures the liberated electron, now has neagtively charged particles in high number. Even here, the atom turns in to a negative ION called “anion”, technically.

How Magnetic Force Influences Ions: According to Physics, there is a formula which calculates the magnetic force exerted by a magneton charged particles in motion. The formula is F= qvb.

where F = Magentic Force experienced by the ions;

q = The charge of the ion, either positive or negative;

v = the speed with which the ions are in motion;

b = the strength of the magnetic field of the magnet.

How Magentictherapy relieves Pain based on these facts: Biochemistry states that pain and swellings in the body are caused by accumalation of postive ions in a certain region of the body. When magentictherapy is used for treatment, the magnetic force influence the positive ions and push them away from the cite of accumulation. This causes relieving of pain and swelling.

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