Magnetic Therapy

The Electromagnetic Therapy

The human body is made up of atoms and molecules.These substances are tiny magnets in thier own rights. When electric and magnetic fields are applied to the body, these substance respond. The electromagnetic therapy uses this fact and tries to use the response in constructive ways.

The Basics of Electromagnetic Therapy:

Substances in nature are divided in to different classes electrically and magnetically. This classification is based on the extent to which the substances respond to the electric and magnetic field. Electrically, substances are classified as conductors, insulators and semi-conductors.

Conductors: These are the substances highly responsive to the electric field.

Insulators: These are the substances which do not respond to electric field much.

Semi-conductors: These substances fall in between the former groups in terms of the response the give to the electric field.

Magnetically, the substances are classified in to three groups. They are ferromagnetic, paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances.

Ferromagnetic substances: These substances are strongly influenced by the magnetic field.

Paramagnetic substances: These substances are weakly influenced by the magnetic field.

Diamagnetic substances: These substances repel the applied magnetic field.

How Electromagnetic Therapy works: The human body is highly sensitive to electricity as its is a conductor. Different parts of the body however respond differently to magnetic field. In electromagnetic therapy, electric and magnetic fields are applied simultaneoulsy on an organ. The atom and molecules which make up the organ respond to these fields. These responses of the organ are captured in the form of an image. In this way, the information about the affected organ can be collected. It is the response of these atoms and molecules which produce the healing effects too claimed by this therapy.

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