Magnetic Therapy

Can Magnetic Therapy Treat Bipolar Active Disorder

1 out of 45 adults in United States suffer from Bipolar Active Disorder. People suffering from this disorder have erratic mood swings. Diagnosis is difficult and cure is not available. Though the Food and Drug Administration, do not approve the practice of Magnetic Therapy as a regular treatment procedure, research done in this field is proving beneficial for many. This article tries to understand how effective magnetic therapy is in treating this mental illness.

How Magnetic Therapy Deals with Bipolar Active Disorder: The latest technique in the field of Magnetic Therapy is the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Here, in this technique, electrical energy is used to active the cells of the brain. Especially the region of the brain associated with the mood regulation is influenced by this technique. The effectiveness of magnetic therapy lies in the fact that the applied technique is very accurate. It influences only the intended region of the brain without influences the functions of the other parts.

The Road Ahead in Treating Bipolar Active Disorder: The relief comes with time. The treatment is to be continuously taken for two weeks. After that appreciable changes can be seen. Once the treatment is discontinued, there may be a possible comeback of the symptoms. According to the researchers involved with applying this technique on patients, there are no serious side effects observed. However some patients complained of headache. This technique is mostly in its experimental stage. The researchers are still trying to make the technique more effective and affordable for the people to buy in the market.

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