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Do Magnets influence Acupuncture points in the body

According to ancient Chinese medicinal practice of Acupuncture, the human body is made of special points all over the body. When stimulation or pressure is applied on these points, they influence different organs of the body. This believe is the functional philosophy of Acupuncture. The World Health Organisation recognizes 400 of such acupuncture points.The practitioners of Acupuncture use specialized needles influence these points to treat various ailments. This article tries to find out the effect of magnets on these points.

“We have systematically researched and reviewed the literature looking at the effect of acupuncture on brain activation as measured by functional magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography. These studies show that specific and largely predictable areas of brain activation and deactivation occur when considering the traditional Chinese functions attributable to certain specific acupuncture points. For example, points associated with hearing and vision stimulates the visual and auditory cerebral areas respectively.”

Researchers George T. Lewith, Peter J. White and Jeremie Pariente.

Knowledge Gained from Research about acupuncture points:

  • Researches were done on these points at the the University of Southampton, United Kingdom and Purpan Hospital of Toulouse, France, in 2005.
  • The techniques used by the researchers were the latest ones in the field of Magnetic therapy like magnetic resonance imaging MRI.
  • The researchers found that magnetic field influenced some parts of brain. These parts were associated with the vision and hearing abilities of the body.

Neodymium acu-magnets used to influence acupuncture points:

  • The strength of these magnets is around 13,500 Gauss.
  • Such a magnetic field is powerful enough to enlarge the nerves and tissues surrounding the special points.
  • The magnetic energy then reaches these points effectively and influence them providing therapeutic relief.

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