Magnetic Therapy

How Magnetictherapy is beneficial in Diagnosing Cardiac Arrest

The Heart is one of the vital organs of our body. Its primary function is to produce oxygen rich blood to various parts of our body. It does so by regular moments of expansion and contraction. The muscles of the heart are flexible enough to carryout these moments. There are several pathways which originate from these organ. These pathways are called veins and arteries.

When chemical components like cholesterol rise in our body, these pathways become narrow. The blood thickens and may get clot in these pathways. In such situations, a fatal conditions called cardiac arrest takes place. This article tries to understand how magnetic therapy technique of cardiac MRI is beneficial in detecting cardiac arrest.

Benefits of Cardiac MRI imaging technique: The technique involves passing the patients body through a very strong magnetic field. The image of the inner organs of the body can be viewed in a computer. There are no threats of radiation. The technique is useful in following purposes:

  • The doctors can understand the state of the various parts and their function of the heart.
  • The thickness of the veins and arteries can be examined.
  • Detect the build up of cholesterol in the walls of veins and arteries and clotting of blood.
  • Identify heart various heart related diseases.
  • Study the effects of already existing heart diseases on the organ.
  • Assessment of the damage caused by a heart attack.
  • Plan a treatment for the patient depending upon the latest state of the heart.
  • Assessment of the progress of a heart patient recovering from a heart attack.

In this way, the technique of cardiac MRI is very beneficial to the doctors in dealing with heart related diseases of their patients.

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