Biological Effects of Magnetic Fields

As children, most of us at one time or the other must buy essay custom writing online have played with magnets without actually realizing that they have certain properties which when used systematically have positive biological effects. Every natural magnet has a North Pole and South Pole, a characteristic property of the area around the magnet where it has a magnetic force is the magnetic field, this magnetic field is applied to the body for therapeutic purposes.

It is a known fact that many cultures, including essay helper online the ancient Chinese, Greeks and Egyptians, have used magnets for pain relief and other symptoms. Magnets have been known for their curative effect on myositis, bursitis, arthritis and rheumatism to name a few. Magnetism also has its effect on sleep and therefore sleeping in the north and south direction-head towards north and feet towards south is advised.A�A� Besides the modern use of magnets in numerous electrical gadgets like loud speakers, motors, calculators, computers and radios, they are used to the fullest in Medical and Paramedical fields.

Magnetic fields affect all biological species
Magnetic Fields not only have a positive effect on us, they also have a rewarding effect on plants and animals which is again beneficial to us. TheyA�A�A�A� have inhibitory action on bacteria and moulds as well and have retarding and controlling action on tumors and cancerous cells. Exposure of seeds to magnetic field for a short period helps in accelerated sprouting and growth of the seedlings. Such plants also show deeper roots as well as stronger growth compared to those which have grown out of untreated seeds. Such are the biological effects of magnetic fields which make our day to day living easier and valuable.

During the past several years of treatment with magnets, numerous cases of different diseases have been effectively cured; like spondylitis, paralysis, rheumatoid arthritis and skin problems like leucoderma and wounds. Magnets are found to have a beneficial effect specially on easing of pain, swelling and stiffness in different body parts. This is mainly because magnets have a soothing effect on the tissues and nerves, which leads to improved blood circulation which in turn leads to rise in skin temperature and the tissue.

Magnetic Fields A?a��a�? Action
Magnetic application to body parts results in three simultaneous actions – improved circulation, generation of heat leading to a fomentation effect and relaxation of muscles which leads to lessening of rigidity in muscles. A number of magnetic materials like necklaces, belts, mattresses, bands and chains are being used to treat patients suffering from pains and stiff muscles. In case of pain due to infection like that found in dental caries or pyorrhoea, the North Pole inhibits the action of the pus-forming bacteria thereby cutting short their action and lessening pain and swelling. In addition, improved circulation in such cases helps in better oxygenation of the tissues which results in rejuvenation of the cells and quick recovery.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the use of electromagnets for medical purposes in 1978. Over 100,000 operations for bone fusion, muscular disorders, and other serious ailments are performed with electromagnets annually.

Like itA?a��a�?s said, its never too late, people suffering with physical ailments can gain from the benefits of magnetic therapy and make healthy living a way of life.