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How-Magnetictherapy-is-beneficial-in-Diagnosing-Cardiac-Arrest How Magnetictherapy is beneficial in Diagnosing Cardiac Arrest

The Heart is one of the vital organs of our body. Its primary function is to produce oxygen rich blood to various parts of our […]

Do-Magnets-influence-Acupuncture-points-in-the-body Do Magnets influence Acupuncture points in the body

According to ancient Chinese medicinal practice of Acupuncture, the human body is made of special points all over the body. When stimulation or pressure is […]

Can-Magnetic-Therapy-Treat-Bipolar-Active-Disorder Can Magnetic Therapy Treat Bipolar Active Disorder

1 out of 45 adults in United States suffer from Bipolar Active Disorder. People suffering from this disorder have erratic mood swings. Diagnosis is difficult […]

Magnetic-Therapy-Reduce-Post-Polio-Pain Can Magnetic Therapy Reduce Post Polio Pain

Post-polio syndrome (PPS) is a condition that affects the survivors of the polio years after its recovery. According to an estimation of the National Center […]

Transcranial-Magnetic-Stimulation-can-cause-Neurorehabilitation Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can cause Neurorehabilitation

The nervous system controls the flow of information between brain and all the other parts of our body. When this important mechanism in our body […]

The-Electromagnetic-Therapy The Electromagnetic Therapy

The human body is made up of atoms and molecules.These substances are tiny magnets in thier own rights. When electric and magnetic fields are applied […]

How-MagneticTherapy-Reduce-Pain-by-Influencing-Positive-and-Negative-Ions How MagneticTherapy Reduce Pain by Influencing Positive and Negative Ions

The human body is made up of charged particles called ions. These charged particles are of two types. The positively charged and the negatively charged […]

Benefits-of-Copper-Magnetic-Bracelets Benefits of Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Copper is an important mineral found inside the earth. Its commercial requirements are well known. But this mineral is equally required by our body for […]

Magnetic-Knee-Brace-Can-Reduce-Knee-Osteoarthritis Magnetic Knee Brace Can Reduce Knee Osteoarthritis

Obesity is a national epidemic in America off late. It is one of the factors that can cause Osteoarthritis. According to the National Institute of […]

Is-Magnetic-Therapy-a-Diabetic-Neuropathy-Treatment-Technique Is Magnetic Therapy a Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment Technique

60%-70% of the Type 2 diabetic patients suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy. Complementary treatment methods like Magnetic Therapy are tried and tested to address this ailment. […]