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Can Magnetic Therapy Cause Bone Fracture Healing

Each year one million bone fractures occur in the United States of America. 50% of these fractures are spinal related. 25% fracture are hip fractures. […]

How Magnetic Therapy Claims to be a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Nearly 4 Million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This fact is according to Studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Neodymium Magnets Eye Masks Can Relieve Sinus

12% adults in America suffer from Sinusitis according to a statistics provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sinuses is the air-filled gap between […]

Biomagnetism is the Basis of Magnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism involves studying the effects of magnetic field on the human body. It is the basis of magnetic Therapy. Workings of the techniques involved in […]

Leg Ulcers Can be Healed by Magneto Therapy

Leg Ulcers are of two types.Arterial leg ulcers and Venous leg ulcers.Lack of proper blood circulation in the legs leads to this types of ulcers.Research […]

Effect of Magnets on Dilated Blood Vessels

Is magnetic therapy an answer to muscle bruising and joint sprains which result in Swelling ? Researchers are convinced.Because Swelling is caused by dilated blood […]

Magnetic Permeability

There are some materials which gets magnetized when they are placed in the magnetic field. The tendency of the materials to become magnetized in a […]

Healing Tendonitis With Magnetic Therapy

Tendonitis is commonly found in the bones of tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is an essential part of our elbow and is also the most prone […]

Homedics Mattress

Selecting the right mattress is a tuff job. Mattress must be of good quality as it dictates sleep. If you will have good sleep you […]

Electromagnetic Therapy Electromagnetic Therapy Pad

Our body is made up of a number of small molecules. Each molecule contains a small amount of magnetic energy. Electromagnetic therapy is based on […]