History of using Magnets for Health

The behavior of magnets has always been very intriguing to both scholars and layman alike. Its mysterious properties made it an object, which had certain special powers. It derives its name from the shepherd boy called megnes who first discovered it somewhere in the modern day turkey. And right from the beginning people have attributed certain therapeutic powers with magnets.

Though today it has come to be known as magnetite in days gone by different people referred to it with different names. To the Greeks it was known as the heraclean stone with reference the Greek god called Hercules. The Romans it was the lapis vivus, which translates to living stones.

And it is since those times that the powers of magnets to heal being recognized and applied. The Greeks thought of it as something that had a A?a��E?mineral soulA?a��a�?. So impressed were the Greeks with its powers that it someone like Aristotle himself claimed that it possessed powers to heal headache and aching joints.

The famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra was so much attracted towards the magnetic powers that she is believed to have used magnets as a an anti aging formula. And also as a beauty enhancing medicine. Now did someone know that before?

The Indian and Chinese civilizations were believed to have known the healing powers of the magnets even before the Greeks and Romans. The Chinese believed that the disorders in the body were because of the imbalance of energies in the body. And they believed that a magnetic field is very effective in restoring this imbalance.

Through the ages magnetic therapy has been quite a popular form of alternative medicine. Yet the advent of modern times has seen this popularity wane a bit. It was because of the lack of scientific evidence to the claims of magnetic healing. But the therapy that has withstood the test of centuries, refused to be laid low. Recently, its made a comeback with gusto.

Today, leading researchers are working on this theory and the results have been more than encouraging. Scientific proof has been documented and proved to the utter amazement of the critics. From being a form of alternative medicine, magnetic therapy is now standing on a threshold of giving the conventional forms of treatment a run for their money. And itA?a��a�?s just a matter of time that magnetic therapy becomes more acceptable and more importantly acceptable to the masses.