Magnetic Bracelets for Pain Relief

Magnetic therapy is an age-old practice. It is custom essay help now undergoing a popular revival, due to the increasing use of magnet therapy in the field of health to relieve pain. Magnets have been used in the treatment of many disorders from inflammation of the joints to strain injuries.

Magnetic bracelets are by far the most popular products of magnetic therapy, which are used to heal pain. They are used for hand, wrist, arm, and shoulder pain. Even sportsmen and arthritis sufferers wear them, and others wear them as a preventative measure.

Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets

  • Magnetic bracelets influence blood flow online essay helper at the wrist arteries. Here the magnetism increases the electrical conductivity of the blood creating a weak current, and increasing the quantity of ions. The newly ionized blood circulates throughout the body improving oxygenation to cell tissue, thereby significantly contributing to the efficiency of the blood flow.
  • The magnetic bracelets stimulate acupressure points on the wrist area to give relief from pain in the wrist or hand. Wrist acupressure points help elbow, shoulder, arm, and neck problems, as well as with other health issues including insomnia, stress, digestive problems, and headaches.
  • Magnetic bracelets reduce pain in osteoarthritis of the hip and knee.
  • Wearing a magnetic bracelet also gives pain relief to your fingers.
  • They help to promote healing of wounds, disease, and speeds up recovery time.
  • Magnetic bracelets can promote anti-aging.A�A� It helps in stimulating collagen – a structural protein present in the skin which is essential for skin elasticity.
  • Magnetic bracelets are used for arthritis treatment to treat the pain caused by arthritis.
  • Magnetic bracelets are also used to cure back pain.

Types of magnetic bracelets

While choosing magnetic bracelets for pain relief, choose the better therapy advantage bracelets than giving priority to style and fashion.

  • Singles – Single bracelets consist single strand of bead, strung on some type of line. They can be made of either all magnetic beads, or a combination of magnetic beads with accent beads of some kind. They can be either the stretchy type, or be non-stretchy with a magnetic clasp.
  • Doubles – Doubles are made of two strands of beads. These are normally selected either for style or for their stronger therapeutic properties.
  • Triples – Triple bracelets are made with three strands of beads and a magnetic clasp. They may have up to three times the number of magnets as a single.
  • Lariats – Magnetic lariats are also used as a necklace or an anklet. They wrap around your arm, your neck, or your ankle, and use the magnets to hold together. Lariats are popular because of their beauty and strength.