Magnetic Mattress Pads

Life these days is on the fast track with little time to spare. Changing work schedules and changing lifestyles have pushed us into a tight spot leaving less amount of time to find for ourselves. It results in numerous health-related problems like sleeplessness, stiffness of muscles and spondilytis to name a few. To address these problems magnetic therapy has emerged as one of the most effective remedies.

Recent studies show that magnetic therapy has the ability to increase blood circulation. They radiate a soothing sleep field that helps improve circulation and increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. The benefits associated with increased blood circulation is explanation enough of why they work. Magnetic mattress pads have been an answer to lessen lower back, neck, knee, foot, leg, chest and other pains. Since itA?a��a�?s aA�A� safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes thatA�A� helpsA�A� speed up the healing process and improve quality of sleep without any adverse side effects, they are being extensively usedA�A� making it an excellent choice for everyone.

Using Magnetic Mattress Pads
Now the big question is, how and which Magnetic Mattress Pads are we to use and what kind of quality check should be done before investing in one because not every such mattress gives us the desired result. LetA?a��a�?s consider these facts for a better understanding on the issue

In the beginning, both North and South poles of a magnet were used. But research showed that just a single pole (North) provides a stronger magnetic field with better health benefits. Also, some say that all South Pole magnets can speed up the growth of cancer cells. For over 50 years now, the Japanese have been using bipolar magnetic mattress pads, because a bipolar mattress produces a neutral magnetism instead of pole specific magnetism.

Another important factor while choosing a magnetic mattress pad is its gauss rating, which is the amount of magnetic energy (residual induction) that the magnetic material can hold. But this alone is not an indication of the strength of the magnet. Products with insufficient information, and incorrect use of gauss rating which indicate the strength of the products should be cross checked. The mass (surface area and thickness) of the magnets, the number of magnets, the polarity facing the body and the gauss rating of the magnets used, all determine the strength and penetration depth of the magnetic field produced by a magnetic therapy product.

Sizes of Magnetic Mattress Pads
Magnetic mattress pads come in various sizes:

  • Travel size (30″ x 72″ 119 magnets)
  • Twin size (37″ x 73″ 162 magnets)
  • Full size (52″ x 73″ 234 magnets)
  • Queen size (59″ x 78″ 266 magnets) and
  • King size (75″ x 78″ 342 magnets).

Few Precautions
There are also some precautions which need to be followed while contemplating to purchase magnetic products. They are not to be used while using a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, should be avoided during pregnancy; they should be kept at least 8 inches away from credit cards, computers, diskettes, magnetic tapes, video equipment, or such similar items.