Magnetic Necklace: Is it Effective?

Celebrity endorsement is something that just about each one of us has heard of and has an opinion about. Well in any case thatA?a��a�?s not the prime subject of study either. So wondering why it pops up all of a sudden in our discussion? It is just to bring to the fore a celebrity who endorsed the subject that we are dealing with.

According to a legend, it is widely believed that the very famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used magnetic bracelets and necklaces for healing. Or to be more precise, to counter the effects of ageing on her skin and beauty. And well, she is believed to have done this to a great degree of success.

Now it is only one example to suggest that magnetic necklaces or magnets in general have healing capabilities. Magnetic necklaces are known to be useful for relieving pain, de-stressing muscles and also relive one of fatigue.

Pain relief using magnetic therapy is no magic or not a myth either. It is placed on well-documented scientific principles. Theoretically speaking, there is no such thing as pain when the pain impulses donA?a��a�?t reach the brain. Because the pain isnA?a��a�?t felt at the region where one is injured but it is in the brain that one feels it when the impulses reach the brain. Thus, itA?a��a�?s possible to stop the sensation of pain from being felt if one was it somehow is able to stop the impulses from reaching the brain.

And no prizes for guessing, it is precisely what magnetic therapy does to you. The impulses to the brain are in the form of positively charges magnetic particles known as ions. It is possible to attract these ions by placing negatively charges ions over the nerve, thereby preventing the impulses from reaching the brain. And bingo! There you have instant relief from your pain.

But then itA?a��a�?s not quite simple as it sounds. One need to have a practiced eye to use a magnet of the right strength and it should be placed strategically to prove effective. Similarly, when used properly and strategically magnetic therapy can be used to overcome various issues.

Today with the help of science we have gone a step further. Magnets arenA?a��a�?t just used for the purpose of healing but using a bit of creativity combined with expertise they can be made into great accessories. Today magnetic products come in various shapes and in form of various accessories like watches, bracelets and of course necklaces. They just donA?a��a�?t add that extra zing to your look but help you keep it, by working as fantastic anti-aging agents.