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How-MagneticTherapy-Reduce-Pain-by-Influencing-Positive-and-Negative-Ions How MagneticTherapy Reduce Pain by Influencing Positive and Negative Ions

The human body is made up of charged particles called ions. These charged particles are of two types. The positively charged and the negatively charged […]

Benefits-of-Copper-Magnetic-Bracelets Benefits of Copper Magnetic Bracelets

Copper is an important mineral found inside the earth. Its commercial requirements are well known. But this mineral is equally required by our body for […]

Magnetic-Knee-Brace-Can-Reduce-Knee-Osteoarthritis Magnetic Knee Brace Can Reduce Knee Osteoarthritis

Obesity is a national epidemic in America off late. It is one of the factors that can cause Osteoarthritis. According to the National Institute of […]

Is-Magnetic-Therapy-a-Diabetic-Neuropathy-Treatment-Technique Is Magnetic Therapy a Diabetic Neuropathy Treatment Technique

60%-70% of the Type 2 diabetic patients suffer from Diabetic Neuropathy. Complementary treatment methods like Magnetic Therapy are tried and tested to address this ailment. […]

Can Magnetic Therapy Cause Bone Fracture Healing

Each year one million bone fractures occur in the United States of America. 50% of these fractures are spinal related. 25% fracture are hip fractures. […]

How Magnetic Therapy Claims to be a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Nearly 4 Million Americans suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). This fact is according to Studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. […]

Neodymium Magnets Eye Masks Can Relieve Sinus

12% adults in America suffer from Sinusitis according to a statistics provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Sinuses is the air-filled gap between […]

Biomagnetism is the Basis of Magnetic Therapy

Biomagnetism involves studying the effects of magnetic field on the human body. It is the basis of magnetic Therapy. Workings of the techniques involved in […]

Leg Ulcers Can be Healed by Magneto Therapy

Leg Ulcers are of two types.Arterial leg ulcers and Venous leg ulcers.Lack of proper blood circulation in the legs leads to this types of ulcers.Research […]

Effect of Magnets on Dilated Blood Vessels

Is magnetic therapy an answer to muscle bruising and joint sprains which result in Swelling ? Researchers are convinced.Because Swelling is caused by dilated blood […]